Arcane Aomori Hiba

It is easy to use and durable for a simple and comfortable life.

It keeps insects and mold at bay with natural constituent Hinokitiol.

  Unlike Japanese cypress and Japanese cedar, Aomori Hiba grows slowly while being weather-beaten. Depending on size, it takes 100 to 300 years for Aomori Hiba to be used as lumber. Our lumber comes from valuable trees that were planted between the Edo era and Meiji era (roughly between 1603 and 1912). We place an importance on using it all up without wasting any parts of lumber. Because of natural constituent Hinokitiol (*1) contained in Aomori Hiba, Aomori Hiba is strong in protection from insects and an antibacterial effect and has an exceptional anti-mold effect..Hinokitiol protecting Aomori Hiba from insects and mold keeps its effectiveness even after an Aomori Hiba tree is taken away from a forest, and is still useful for living as a natural bath additive and insect repellent.

Handmade in Japan

Ancient Wisdom

 Our ancestors would have known about the mystery of Aomori Hiba. As well as an Anti-mold effect mentioned above, it is also resistant to termites and is ideal for building materials. Because of its corrosion resistance, Aomori Hiba has often been adopted to build shrines and temples or important cultural properties through the ages. Some of the inside of over 800-year old Aomori Hiba trees can still be used as building materials. The durability is beyond comparison.

Mysterious power and warmth in daily life

Our lumber is made of vigorous Aomori Hiba trees that have continued to grow in a severely frigid climate and are carefully chosen from nature.Receiving the benefits of the power (protection from insects, anti-mold, antibacterial effect, comfort and etc), it is precious to spend quiet hours at home surrounded by warmth of trees. It leads an ordinary life to a little rich space.

(*1) What is Hinokitiol?

※It is likely thought from a constituent name, Hinokitiol, that Hinoki Japanese cypress trees contain this constituent, but most of Hinoki Japanese cypress trees do not contain it. So it is understandable that a cutting board or a bathtub made of Japanese cypress trees easily turns moldy. Aomori Hiba trees containing full of Hinokitiol effective against bacteria, mold and insects are suitable for not only building materials but also materials used for kitchen and bathroom.

Usability that professionals require

The number of Aomori Hiba is limited because it grows slowly. It may not be a common household item. But it is used by many cooks like professional sushi chefs. We have made a customized kitchen for a major company. Aomori Hiba’ s antibacterial effect and easiness of cutting are the reasons that core users support. Feel this usability at home.

Do you think that trees get moldy? Only Aomori Hiba does not get moldy.

(Picture provided by Aomori Prefecture industrial experimental station)
This is a test that Aomori Hiba (left), Japanese cypress (center), Japanese cedar (right) and seven other different types of trees were cultivated in a glasshouse for 10 days after mold spores were applied to those trees. All trees except for Aomori Hiba got moldy. Aomori Hiba ended in preventing mold from not only its surface but also its surroundings. It showed the incredible antibacterial spectrum.

Living with solid wood in open fashion

 Even beneficial Aomori Hiba has a negative side for humans. Not applying only to Hiba, the board warpage and crack, which are part of the solid wood properties, occur under certain usage conditions. Using it on a regular basis keeps adequate moisture in and prevents it from breaking. There is a solution for board warpage. We would appreciate it if you could use it as long as possible.

Aomori Hiba products

We offer hand-made items produced from 100 to 200 year-old precious Aomori
Hiba trees with unequaled anti-mold effect, antibacterial effect and anti-insect
effect. When we dug up an Aomori Hiba that was buried as a sleeper seven
years ago, we were surprised that the inside of it was usable.You can feel the
mysterious power as a precious wood at this, and the board that has been
succeeded from ancient time is designed to get along with change of life style.
You can use it in a wide variety of situations. A good point of Aomori Hiba,
which is highly durable, is that you can use it for a long time. Those who think
that “a wooden item easily catches the mold” should experience moldproof of
the Aomori Hiba. All you have to do is to wash by water or detergent for dishes
and dry in the room. It is so easy to handle and simple.

Design is organic line drawn to avoid the like knothole.We can reduce the edge material.It does not have the same design.And look forward to be finished in any design.

01. Cutting board01 W340_H205_D20
02. Cutting board02 W225_H315_D20
03. Jam spatula(Photos left)W28_H200_D4、
Butter&Jam knife(Photos left) W28×H170_D6、
Butter knife(Photo right)W22_H165_D20
04. Cutting board04 W203_H253_D22
05. Cutting board05 W223_H365_D20
06. Photo from left_ Wooden spatula W50_H325_D7、
Tail of the cat Wooden spatula W82_H370_D7、
long Wooden spatula W74_H294_D7、
Note of ricepaddleW70_H254_D8
07. Cutting board07 W201_H340_D24
08. Cutting board08 W207_H325_D20

09. Butter case W180_H98 _D50(Butter knife is not attached)
10. Cutting board10 W242_H134_D22
11. Cutting board11 W276_H394_D21
12. Cutting board eco Design is organic line
13. Cutting board13 W201_H403_D21
14. Cutting board14 W190_H127_D23
Simple design is evaluated as “cute”, is a popular.Spoon is not included.
15.Cutting long board W115_D18~20 
From the top of the photo H315,H445,H600
※Rice bin and Square cutting boards 3size(S:W240_H300_D25,M:W240_H400_D25,L:W240_H500_D25) is also released . 

Each product is different in size because it is made by hand. Each natural tree has different colors, grain and even gnarls. We hope those are understood as carpentry expressions that become each carpentry personality. The crack and board warpage may occur under certain usage conditions. To store it while preventing board warpage, set it against something with grain upward in a room away from direct sunlight or hang it.

Please feel free to ask me.

Let’s create a cutting board of Aomori Hiba
※Order production and workshops are also accepted .