Point to be a long time favorite

The knack of using the cutting board for a long time.

We appreciate it that you have bought the cutting board made of the
precious wood Aomori Hiba. We, the manufacturer, usually use Aomori
Hiba's cutting boards. Please refer to the following way of use if you
would like to use with care.
It is good to wet
the board before using
A series of the chef's motion wiping the cutting board with the wet dishcloth is the ancient wisdom which the water of ingredients do not soak into the cutting board.Doing this operation won't make smell and dirt to stick to the cutting board. In order to don't put extra moisture to the food, wipe off the water from the cutting board with a cloth.
After use it is good
to wipe off the moisture
After use wipe off with water and rinsed as soon as possible the water to remove stains. If you are worry for the smell of fish and meat smell, after the rinse with a detergent, you can disinfect it with boiling water. Please avoid the dishwasher because it can cause warping and cracking caused by drying and the rapid changes of temperatures.
Natural drying is good
for the cutting board
Is good to let the washed cutting board vertically dry naturally. For drying, you had better put it in the place with no one-sided direct sunlight or heat.
Aomori Hiba which have plenty of “Hinokitiol” that there are overwhelmingly the natural components of preventing mold, germ, insects and smell effectively. It is delightful without getting mold and darkening
★Scratch prevention measures
The cuts by the blade can be water-washed with coarse salt with a scrubbing brush or rubbed with cleanser, both effective against bacteria. You can also rub sodium bicarbonate into the cutting board surface and wash with water.
★Treatment of the darkish
It is easier to clean out it by washing using coarse salt or sodium carbonate. After cleaning out the darkish, it is recommended to flatten out by sandpaper or rasp.
★Warpage and blackening prevention
When stored placing it with the grain of wood in vertical orientation, cutting board is hard to bend. Also, dry it always after water-washing both sides even when you use only one side.
★How to straighten the warp
As for the thin cutting board water the whole of it and put it up in the shade, and it straightens generally. When warped greatly, try putting the wet dishcloth on the concavely bent surface and expose the convex surface to the sunlight for the correction.
Like plastic chopping blocks which use antibacterial agents, natural antibacterial action of the Aomori cypress is not versatile. Please be aware in advance that rate of deterioration differs depending on usage environment. (2015.12〜)

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